Tips for First Time Renters From A Storage Facility Owner

West Salem Storage | March 21, 2024 @ 12:00 AM

Hello from West Salem storage! Being a storage facility owner, I am aware of how daunting starting the rental process can be. But have no fear. I'm here to help you through the procedure and offer some insider knowledge to ensure that your storage experience goes smoothly from beginning to end.

Selecting the Appropriate Storage Unit

Choosing the appropriate unit size for your needs is the first stage in the storage process. Make a list of everything you own and plan for any future storage requirements. Choosing a somewhat larger unit is preferable to jamming everything into a storage unit that just barely fits. We at West Salem Storage provide a range of unit sizes to meet various storage requirements. Look in our West Salem Storage located 650 2nd Street NW, Salem, OR, 97304 website page for what storage units we have available.

Recognize the Letting Procedure

Although renting a storage facility is simple, there are a few important things to remember. Investigate local storage facilities first, then visit possible locations to evaluate the level of cleanliness, security, and customer service. After selecting a facility, you'll have to present identification(like a drivers license or State ID), sign a rental agreement, and submit payment details. Never be afraid to get clarification on any terms or policies you're unclear.

Organizing is Key When Moving In

Organization is your best friend when it comes to moving your items into your storage facility. Things should be packed into strong boxes or plastic containers and well labeled for simple identification. We at West Salem recommend Tough Storage Tote in Black with Yellow Lid from home depot. They are heavy duty and you are able to securely stack one on top of another. To optimize space and keep objects off the floor. To maximize accessibility and make sure you can quickly find objects when needed, think about drawing up a layout plan where you put your items in your storage unit.

Pay Attention to Security Measures

There are other precautions you may take to secure your items in addition to selecting a reliable storage facility with strong security measures. For additional peace of mind, consider getting insurance coverage and investing in high-quality locks for your storage unit. If at all possible, avoid storing priceless or irreplaceable goods, or take extreme care to protect them.

Consistently Inspect and Maintain Your Equipment

Remember your items after they have been securely stored away! Make it a routine to examine your storage unit for damage, leaks, and pest activity on a regular basis. Keep your storage unit tidy and well-organized to stop clutter from building up over time.

Make Advance Plans Before Leaving

A little advance planning will save you time and trouble when it comes time to vacate your storage unit. Make sure you notify the facility of your plan to vacate in accordance with the terms of your rental agreement and allow ample time to pack and remove belongings from your storage unit. Thoroughly clean your unit, taking everything out and properly getting rid of any trash.

Consider Climate Controlled Storage

The value of climate controlled storage may vary depending on the type of items you own. Extreme humidity and temperatures have the potential to destroy items like cardboard, electric devices, and furniture. Selecting a climate-controlled container can offer extra security and comfort, particularly when storing items for an extended period of time.

Make use of Online Account Management

For extra convenience, a lot of storage facilities, including West Salem Storage, include online account management portals. Utilize these resources to handle your account, pay your rent, and have access to crucial data from anywhere at any time. It's a time-saving tool that makes renting easier and helps you maintain organization.